Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is where a Council or housing association tenant exchanges their home with another tenant.

It can be a good way to find a bigger or smaller home, or to move to another area.

You can check whether you are eligible for a mutual exchange online.

Find a mutual exchange

We have recently signed up to HomeSwapper, a mutual exchange platform which enables you to advertise your home and search for homes to swap with. Registration is free for our tenants.

As one of our tenants, you already have access to House Exchange to do the same, but this is another opportunity for you to find a mutual exchange. It gives you access to more people to swap homes with - and a better chance of finding a suitable match overall.

Visit House Exchange's website to register your home online, and search for an exchange partner.

You can also download House Exchange's easy-to-use app, on your smartphone, from your relevant app store.

You might also find an exchange through any of the following:

  • word of mouth
  • personal advertising
  • social media

What happens once I have found an exchange?

All mutual exchange applications that we receive will be managed through HomeSwapper. This new platform gives you the ability to track your exchange in real time, via a customer dashboard where you can see the progress of your application. You'll also be able to communicate with us with ease.

You can register with HomeSwapper online.

Once you have found your exchange partner(s), you still need to complete an application form. You will need to log in to your HomeSwapper account to complete the form. Please note that both the incoming and outgoing tenant must submit their own application forms.

If you do not already have a HomeSwapper account, then please complete our online registration form. We will then send you an invitation to complete your application.

Please note: If you are already registered with HomeSwapper, you can apply directly to us through their website. You do not need to complete our form.

Once all completed applications have been received, we will confirm within 42 days whether the exchange can proceed. If all applications have not been received after 14 days, the application will be closed down.